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Faculty & Staff of Menallen

Administration and Office Staff

Principal Joseph Galie (joseph.galie@uasdraiders.org)
Secretary Lindsay Payton (lindsay.payton@uasdraiders.org)
Guidance Counselor Casey Davis (cassandra.davis@uasdraiders.org)
Nurse Christie Grimm (christie.grimm@uasdraiders.org)
Custodian                  Tom Baer (thomas.baer@uasdraiders.org)
Security Danny David (danny.david@uasdraiders.org)



Kindergarten Jamie Addis (jamie.addis@uasdraiders.org)
Kindergarten Elizabeth Jeffries (elizabeth.jeffries@uasdraiders.org)
1st Grade Kathy Baughman (kathy.baughman@uasdraiders.org)
1st Grade Neassa Lynn (neassa.lynn@uasdraiders.org)
2nd Grade Kristina DelVerme (kristina.delverme@uasdraiders.org)
2nd Grade Ronda Risha (ronda.risha@uasdraiders.org)
3rd Grade Teresa King (teresa.king@uasdraiders.org)
3rd Grade Beth Sztroin (beth.sztroin@uasdraiders.org)
​4th Grade Stephanie Dean (stephanie.dean@uasdraiders.org)
​4th Grade Kelly Kremposky (kelly.kremposky@uasdraiders.org)
5th Grade Angela Epley (angela.epley@uasdraiders.org)
5th Grade Michelle Komacek (michelle.komacek@uasdraiders.org)
6th Grade Leslie Defino (leslie.defino@uasdraiders.org)
6th Grade Mark Edenfield (mark.edenfield@uasdraiders.org)
Art Lara Dowling (lara.dowling@uasdraiders.org)
Art Gary Evans (gary.evans@uasdraiders.org)
Music Jessica Higbee (jessica.higbee@uasdraiders.org)
Computer Joy Karpiak (joy.karpiak@uasdraiders.org)
Library Christa Sabatula (christa.sabatula@uasdraiders.org)
Gym William Dice (william.dice@uasdraiders.org)
Gym Sara Yantko-Allison (sara.allison@uasdraiders.org)
Learning Support K-4 Angela Andursky (angela.andursky@uasdraiders.org)
Learning Support 5-6 Sara Swaney (sara.swaney@uasdraiders.org)
Supplemental Learning Support Angela Richards (angela.richards@uasdraiders.org)
Life Skills Amber Guynn (amber.guynn@uasdraiders.org)
Autistic Support Julie Capuzzi (julie.capuzzi@uasdraiders.org)
Autistic Support Nicole Matis (nicole.matis@uasdraiders.org)
Speech Therapist Shelley Dean (shelley.dean@uasdraiders.org)
Speech Therapist Chelsea Adler (chelsea.adler@uasdraiders.org)
Literacy Coach Heather Mazur (heather.mazur@uasdraiders.org)
Cafeteria Jacqueline Manches (jacqueline.manches@uasdraiders.org)


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