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Compact Educational Pledge

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Goal 1: Student will achieve academic success as outlined in the State and Federal Standards through family support and powerful classroom instruction.

Responsibilities: Parent/Family

  • Know and discuss what skills our child is learning each day
  • Complete activities at home that reinforce our child’s classroom learning
  • Read with our child 15 minutes each day 5 days a week
  • Visit the library with our child
  • Provide a quiet place and encourage our child to study
  • Reinforce and monitor our child’s homework accordingly to Menallen’s homework guidelines



  • Talk about what I am studying with my family members
  • Complete activities at home as outlined in Menallen’s homework guidelines
  • Ask my family to read with me or read to me 15 minutes each day 5 days a week
  • Read for pleasure as well as to learn



  • Keep parents informed of the content their child is learning
  • Present necessary concepts before regular homework is assigned daily
  • Provide time for student practice and encourage discussion to maintain academic skills
  • Participate in professional development
  • Communicate with families on their student’s progress in ways such as; agenda’s phone, reportcards, progress reports, state assessment scores
  • Provide homework assignments relevant to daily instruction


Goal 2: Every student will develop a sense of responsibility and respect for self and others through consistent direction and support from the family and the school.

Responsibilities Parent/Family

  • Make sure that our child attends school regularly, is on time, and is prepared to learn, with necessary supplies and homework completed
  • Will encourage my child to demonstrate respect for school personnel, classmates, and school property. I will support the school in discipline and conflict resolution methods.
  • Will model and teach responsible decision making and citizenship in all aspects of daily life
  • Will attend school functions and conferences
  • Will review all school communications and respond promptlyStudent
  • Will attend school regularly, be on time and be prepared to learn
  • Will develop and keep a positive attitude about school
  • Will complete class assignments and homework on time
  • Demonstrate good citizenship and decision making skills in all aspects of daily life
  • Will pay attention to my teachers and family and ask question when I need help
  • Recognize and accept the positive and negative outcomes of my behavior



  • Model and teach responsible decision making and citizenship in all aspects of daily life
  • Teach and model acceptance of responsibility for the positive and negative outcomes of personal behavior
  • Teach and encourage students to look for the good in people and to pay and receive sincere compliments
  • Clearly apprise student of assignments to be completed and hold students responsible for meeting obligations
  • Shall strive to be aware of individual students’ strengths and weaknesses


Goal 3: The school will function as a community of its constituents – parents, teachers, students, and other school personnel.

Responsibilities Parent/Family

  • Attend parent teacher conferences and open houses
  • Communicate frequently with our child’s teachers
  • Participate in programs offered by the school for parents, including workshops and courses
  • Seek assistance from school personnel as necessary and fully participate in decisions relating to the education of my child



  • Keep my parents informed about what I am learning and how I am doing at school
  • Attend parent teacher conferences when requested
  • Demonstrate good citizenship at home, in school and in my community



  • Communicate frequently with parents about their children’s progress and show them how theycan help
  • Hold parent teacher conferences as needed throughout the school year
  • Encourage parents to participate in parent education programs offered by the school


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